Tuesday, February 01, 2005

One wheeled blunder.

I bought my unicycle a year ago. I practiced a little bit in my kitchen and then took it to the circus club that I belonged to. I promptly fell off, felt really stupid and have been afraid to get back on. Until now...
At the beginning of January I decided that this year's New Year's Goal would be to learn to ride the machine.
So I've been trying for 4 weeks now. My major handicaps are my wimpiness, my clumsiness and my age.
I'm scared of falling off (although that's getting better now).
All the information I've read in books and on the web says 'launch yourself into the abyss'. Blimey, how scarey is that. Ride until you fall off.
So initially I have been practicing riding to somewhere that I can hold on to.
I realise now that this is probably more likely to injure me than falling off. Infact, I did hurt my wrists a couple of times. So now I've decided to learn to fall off - or step off elegantly (on a very good day).
I can ride about one (2 at the most) full turns of the wheel consistently without falling off. I'm also getting much more confident about riding. I don't have a heart attack if I don't land quite as smoothly as I would like. I'm hoping that 1 day soon I will be able to magically ride across the hall.
Charley Dancy's book suggests that older people learning the unicycle can be stuck at this stage for longer than some kids (who can apparantly master this bit in a couple of hours). So I'm hanging on to that. Along with his assurances that anyone can learn to ride.
So I'm going to keep on trying.


At April 5, 2005 at 9:38 PM, Anonymous Klaas Bil said...

Hi Cathy,

It's Klaas Bil from the Netherlands. I recognise your name (and your 'handle') from r.s.u. I came to your site from a link at the unicycle website of my unicyclist friend Walter, in the write-up about David Stone's visit to Wales. My site, if you're interested, is www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil


At April 5, 2005 at 9:40 PM, Anonymous Klaas Bil said...

Sorry, mistyped the link to my site. Should be www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil

At May 16, 2006 at 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy.....I read your comments with interest! I'm 54 and bought a cheap unicycle at my local bike shop.....took me several weeks and a good many spills..but now can ride it for many yards..in a straight line. It's a lovely feeling! My way was to fix two hand rails on posts alongside my garden path...I've dispensed with that now..bur still need a post to help me mount!


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