Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Self belief

One interesting thing I have noticed is the power of self-belief.
Last week, having my chairs (which I start off with my unicycle between) about 1 wheel's revolution from the stage that I cycle to, was OK. I could do it every time. Because I knew I could.
If i moved my chairs about half a revolution more away was different. I had to strongly believe that I could do it. IF I didn't or if a stray negative thought (such as "I hate this music that's playing) crossed my mind before I had let go of the chair I either fell off or was unable to let go.
Presumably, in the end, I will know that I can ride as far as I want to & wont have to really psych myself up to believe it. Still it showed me the importance of self-belief & how fragile it can be for me.


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