Sunday, March 13, 2005

New unicycle, turning and freemounting.

It's been a while since I wrote anything here. I have been buisy with life and unicycling.
I have bought a posh unicycle - a 24" nimbus II. I wanted one I could ride out along the prom. It's a lovely beast. A bit scary at first cos it's a bit bigger than my 20" learner uni, but sooo smooth.
I have learnt to turn the beast and now I can ride round and round as well as forward. That took a couple of weeks to learn. At first it was not very smooth, but now I can smoothly turn, even without too much arm waving.
My latest challenge - to freemount.
I felt that I couldn't say I could ride the beast until I could get on it by myself. Now after a couple of weeks intermittent practice I have managed to freemount and ride smoothly off - twice!
Yahoo, I can unicycle.!
Next challenge, after becoming more consistent with the freemounting and taking the uni out on the prom, is to learn to idle.
And I'm also going to get a new unicycle - one that I can ride in the gym in Gronant as my 24" nimbus is just a bit too big.


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